Winter Accessories: The Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarf

With most of winter still ahead of us I thought it would be nice to make some accessories. I am an avid scarf wearer. I actually have more scarfs than sweaters! Not counting my wraps for dressier events.

When I first saw the infinity scarf trend I wasn’t sure I liked it.

I loved my long scarfs that kept warm not only my neck but the front of my torso also. Blanket scarfs were my number one choice for many years. They can be SO versatile!

And then I had a winter baby. Do you know how many times you have to bend over a baby on a daily basis? What about their love to grasp and pull everything in sight? Yeah! So I decided to give them a try. I haven’t looked back since. Because running after a toddler is sure fun just not with a long piece of fabric wrapped around your neck!

So if you want to try a different style of scarf this is how to sew yourself one.

You will need


-Matching thread

Cut your fabric to your desired measurements. I prefer mine to be 150cm or 60” long and 75cm or 29” wide.

infinity scarf

infinity scarf

Serge or zig zag the raw edges. With right sides together sew a straight line along the longest side of your fabric.

Now, this is kind of tricky but totally do-able.

Match the side of the seams and pin the two circles of your fabric RST. Sew a straight line. Don’t forget to leave a small opening almost as half the size of your palm.

infinity scarf

Turn it inside out and sew the hole with your preferred method. I usually just machine stitch it because it the fastest way but you could totally handstitch it for a more polished look.

Now go on and make yourself a couple infinity scarf to snuggle with the rest of this winter.


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