What I pack in my beach bag

Beach BagMy beach bag has changed so much over the last years. It used to be small and only fit a towel, sunscreen, a comb and some money. Now my needs are wildly different.

As you can see my beach bag is now the size of a large duffle bag. It can easily carry more than the essentials for a weekend getaway. So, let’s explore the contents of it.

Firstly I would like to note that this bag holds the necessities and more for 2 adults and a toddler, sans toys.

Beach Bag Beach Bag

Towels. We carry two beach towels that we lay on the sand, two Turkish style towels dry when we get tired of playing and one baby towel with a hood that I made for my boy before he was born.

Sunblock. As talked about before, I take sun protection very seriously, so I always buy a 50+ sunscreen during the summer. Up until last year, I used one sunscreen for the little one and two one for the adults. A facial and one for the body. This year we transitioned to this spray one that is suitable for wet skin too and it has been a lifesaver. Because we all know how willing is a kid to leave play and put sunscreen on!

Hats. Since we like to play together in the sand for hours, having a hat on is a necessity. After wearing this one for a year I bought another one for my husband. The little one has always two with him because he can’t wear a wet one!

Goggles. Although my son is too young to swim, my husband and I, like to put on our goggles and make bubbles altogether. It is a nice way to teach him not to be afraid of the water while playing. Also, they protect my eyes from all the splattering.

Baby powder. I learned this from another blogger and it literally changed my attitude about playing in the sand. Just apply liberally and it will absorb most moisture. Makes removing sand from the skin a breeze. I use this one.

Beach Bag

What about you?

What do you carry with you when you go to the beach?

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