How to use a curved needle

Confession: I am picky about sewing tools.


Whenever I am in a haberdashery shop I love to browse through everything! For some reason, I actually enjoy staring at the countless products that are hanging off the walls. Good needles are especially hard to find, both for machine and hand sewing/quilting. The best that I have ever used are Schetz and John James respectively.
I should also note that although I love multi-functional tools as much as the next person and I try to save some pennies every chance I get there are just some projects that require special tools. Below you can see one of them. My closure had an “accident” and I wanted to re-attach it without sewing through all the batting since I think that wouldn’t look very polished. What to do?
Curved needle to the rescue!






I never quite understood how these worked and why they were called “mending” needles. Well, after a short research I found that the curve allows the needle to penetrate the fabric of the upper layers without going through all of them and you can reuse the existing holes in specialty fabrics like leather.

And voila!
This jacket has been on a regular rotation this fall.

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