Three things to do when housebound



This is day three that I had not left the house.

We are in one of those periods of time that it is either raining or the wind is too strong to spend time outside with a toddler. And that is starting to get annoying.

So this is what I like to do to make this time a bit more enjoyable for all of us:

Wear comfortable clothes


Being all dressed up makes me more eager to go someplace and amplifies every negative feeling I might have, like boredom or stress. Instead, I slip into whatever makes me feel more relaxed and comfortable. Usually sweats or even pajamas.

Do something special

board books

We all lead busy lives but it is important to take time to do the things that matter the most and spend time with the people we love. Me and O love to read, so I try to make the most of these days by reading all of our favorite books while cuddling on the sofa. Animal impersonations can also make great memories.

Decorate your house


I am really good at keeping messes at bay in our house but it can take me forever if at all to decorate. O is at an age that everything interests him and with Christmas being around the corner festive decorations are a must!





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