The week in outfits



It’s Friday!!!

I am soooo ready for the weekend. And the weather is promising. No more rain. I felt like I lived in London!

In an effort to get dressed every morning instead of staying in pajamas all day long or going grocery shopping in them I am posting all my weekly outfits.


Top (made by me) | pajama | socks ( M&S)

Monday was tough. I didn’t make it. I lived in these under a blanket.


Sweatshirt (made by me)

On Tuesday I decided it was time to bring some order into my house. This is what I wear when taming the chaos!


Shirt (Old) | Jeans

I had big plans for Wensday. They all got canceled, but hey I got dressed!


Shoes | Shirt | Cardigan (old)

My shoes have arrived! I’m in love.


Jeans | Shirt

Friday!!!!! I really like this book. O on the other hand, hates it and insists of taking it from my hands every time. Even when I’m not reading aloud. It puzzles me…

Happy weekend to all. I hope you have a great time!

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