The week in outfits


I can honestly say that this last week slipped by. Is it Tuesday? Tuesday?! Did we skip weekend altogether?

I first decided to do this weekly round up to force myself to wear presentable outfits throughout the week. It looks like this one is about reminding myself what this week has been about!

(You can also see my outfits on Instagram, I’m thimblepatterns there.)



pants | shirt

I meant to exercise. That didn’t happen…



jeans | pullover

A real quick change  of cloths because my toddler decided that his food looked better on my shirt. Currently in the dry cleaners. Fingers crossed that it’s not ruined…



jeans | shirt

After an intense drawing session the sun smiled. Apparently we had to go smile back! I love good mornings.



pants | sweatshirt

I tried to cheer me up with a festive outfit while cleaning the house. It didn’t work but the house was shining!



jeans | camisole | cardigan

Happy mail day!!! This cardigan was more than I ever hoped for. It is the right size, hangs beautifully, is soooo soft, the color is great, looks good with everything, keeps me warm and has pockets.  Expect to see it in regular rotation. Not that that is hard with my minimal wardrobe!

And that was a full week! I actually wore real peoples cloths every day.

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