The Jogger Trend

joggersWell, I think we all know about the joggers trend by now.

If by chance you are unaware of what joggers are let me enlighten you. It is a more refined version of the sweatpants of the ‘80s. And I believe that was the time when I last wore a pair. In elementary school…

But then I started exercising again and my sweatpants were sliding down my calves all the time. So… I, made myself some joggers. Disclaimer: I am very well aware of my body type and height. This pair was made to exercise and lounge in my house. I am not going to wear them in public in high heels and a blouse. I don’t think that’s my style.

Back to the pattern. As you have probably already noticed there are two fundamental things that have gone wrong. And they are both my mistakes. I do curate my content but If you think that I am going to post only projects that I made everything right you are reading the wrong blog. I make mistakes, big and silly and you get to see them and laugh with me!


First, I didn’t align the pattern pieces with the grainline. And we all know what that means. The pants seem to turn! Well, they do. Second, I didn’t attach ribbing to the hem. Instead, I opted to make a tunnel using wide elastic. It just doesn’t work. Aesthetically I mean, it works just fine when I work out.

I used the pattern “Brassie Joggers” by Green Style Creations. According to the reviews, it’s a unisex pattern and comes with a low and mid-rise option. I cut this pattern ages ago so I have nothing to say about that. What I do have to say is that when making them I was not sure which curve was the pocket and which one was the rise. Consider yourself warned and mark your pattern pieces accordingly!


I sewed this pair of pants entirely in my sewing machine using a zig-zag stitch and a double needle. They seem to hold up quite well! It is a good pattern that I would sew again. The instructions are written with the novice in mind and the illustrations are very clear. There are two things I don’t like:

  1. The size and shape of the pocket. It seems that the pocket is too low (on the midrise one at least) and the shape leaves half of my hand exposed. Which means I can’t put my smartphone there.
  2. The length. Although the pattern does include inseam length choices I had to chop off at least 25cm. I may be short but this has never happened to me before.

All in all, I am a happy camper, and you follow along on Instagram you know that I have worn this too many times already.


Do you wear joggers? Are they just for exercise or a everyday wear for you?

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