The easiest baby gift.

Baby Towels


Being in your mid-thirties comes with a lot of privileges. Being surrounded by babies is one of them. I think that in the last 5 years we welcomed more than two babies per year! And despite the fact I am far from a seasoned mom I have done my fair share of newborn shopping.

Although every newborn has its own needs and every mother does the same things a little different I found one gift that everyone loved. Bum towels! Yes that is a thing; my midwife introduced them to me. In the newborn days you can use them either after a diaper change or to swirl it around his/hers little body after his/her bath. We easily forget how small they are… As the baby gets older you can use them as facial and/or hand towels.

Have I convinced you to try and make some? They are very affordable and super quick too.

baby towel


(For four towels)

  • 70 cm towel fabric
  • 5 ric rac trimming for each color
  • Matching thread.

Cut four rectangles 48 cm long by 32 cm wide. Then cut your rick rack trimming in four equal parts.

Start Sewing!

  1. Serge the edges of your four rectangles. If you don’t have a serger you can use a zig-zag stich. This will prevent your edges form fraying. It is what I have done here.
  2. Place two rows of rick rack 5 cm apart and stitch them in place. I always use matching thread on top and white at the bobbin for a more polished look.
  3. Fold all edged 6 mm towards the wrong side and using a straight stitch, stich on all four sides.

That’s it!

I told you it was fast.

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