A scarf for winter


Winter has officially arrived. And guess what!? It’s cold outside. Like I actually had to wear a real coat! A coat!!! And a scarf, because did I say it’s cold outside? I am writing this all wrapped up in a blanket while sitting at my desk. Maybe I should wear a duvet tomorrow? Would that look weird to you?

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Essential sewing supplies

hand needles thumbnail

Often times I hear women say that they would love to learn how to sew but they don’t know where to start. The amount of products and resources available is so vast that instead of sparkling their initial interest it makes them feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

Of course cost must be factored in. No one really wants to spend a hefty amount of money into starting a hobby only to realize soon after that she has absolutely NO interest in!

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3 years. Almost…


Last week I took a deep breath and launched my own pattern company. It only took me three years.
I haven’t sewn a stitch since…
Though I do have plans for some new holiday garments. A girl can dream right?


Welcome to Thimble Patterns.