Summer Wardrobe Staples


This has been a wonderful week, weather-wise.

We had some short storms that made the temperatures drop at least 4 degrees.

I could sit in my armchair and actually enjoy my book instead of melting. It is glorious!

Of course, when you live in Athens you know that these temperatures are not here to stay. The idea of a summer with not at least three heatwaves during the months of June and July is just not a reality.

As I was putting my laundry away the other day, I tried to identify any holes in my summer wardrobe. Surprisingly, I did find quite a few! But I also found what my most worn pieces are.

The ones that I am reaching for the most during this summer.

Me Made May

  1. My petal sleeve Scout Tee. If you have been reading this blog for more than a second you know how much I love this pattern. It is the perfect white canvas. What makes this version different than my previous ones, besides the apparent petal sleeve are the following adaptations: first I added an elastic at the hem which created a blouse-y effect. Since I carry my weight at my bottom half it balances out the big difference between my upper and my lower body, by adding just the right amount of fullness. Second, it finally dawned on me that the pulling I had at the armscye was due to a full bust. After redrafting the front pattern piece to accommodate that this top is an absolute joy to wear. I need to sew more of these. But you already knew that!

Me Made May

2. Emerson wide leg pants. If you followed me during memademay you must have this pair of pants on Instagram almost daily. These too have just the right amount of ease to make them roomy and flowy without any bagginess. What I love most, which is in a close tie with the huge pockets is the wide hem. It gives the pants the weight they need to hang properly. If you have you ever worn a pair of wide leg trousers with a narrow hem you can relate. Every step and the swinging of the pant makes you crazy!

Me Made May3. A pair of leggings. I never liked leggings. I always correlate them with slender long legs. I have neither! But I did I sewed up a pair some years ago on a whim. Since I started taking some yoga classes these past few weeks, this whim has served me very well. I wear them almost 3 to 4 times per weeks, so they are definitely a hit. And the fabric is strong and NOT see through. Why is it SO HARD to find RTW leggings that are opaque?



4.  This baseball hat. I hated wearing hats all my life. I never wore one that did not bring me a headache. Last year in an effort to protect myself from getting sun-stroked I bought this one. And surprise! It doesn’t bother me at all and protects me when I am in the sun for a long period of time. Which, if you are being honest with yourself, is inevitable as a mom in Greece.

Me Made May5. My Birkenstocks. I bought these last year and they literally arrived as we were leaving for vacation. Talk about last minute! I have worn them every single day of summer ever since. To be honest, I loved them at first but then I kind of hated them. Somehow the fit was off. This year after a few wears I adjusted the buckles and everything is spot on. I am considering buying a new pair in black!

What about you? What are you loving to wear these days?

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