Small changes

We all know about it. Small changes can have a huge impact. Even in ways, we don’t always expect.

Lately, I feel that it’s becoming very hard for me to accept change. Let alone make some myself. Maybe it’s middle age or the stage of life that I am in. Whatever it is I let it take control.

I found myself struggling to meet my work deadlines, my house was always a mess and cooking was always an afterthought.

After feeling like a failure I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands and stop waiting for things to magically happen.

Everything changed when I re-introduced scheduling into my life. The past couple of weeks were the most stress-free ones that I had in a very long time.


And this is how it works:

I decided to divide my time into three general categories. Work, housekeeping and personal time.

The night before I sit down and mentally plan the day ahead of me. Then, using a simple and cheap organiser and BIC coloured pens, I write my tasks in their allotted category. I try very hard to be realistic and only fill two to four lines in each category. There is no point in doing this if I overschedule myself.

When I complete a task I cross it off. If a task was changed I take a note. When I complete something off my list I write it down. All these notes are colour coded, so I can see in a glance how I am doing throughout the day and adjust as needed.

Most days I do more than I have scheduled. That feels great! Others I don’t even get to do half. Somehow though this doesn’t stress me out. I just rearrange my weekly schedule to include whatever was not done. I might even decide to not do something, deeming it not necessary.

Overall this method has worked wonders!

  • I accomplice more in a day than I used to and I don’t feel so tired at the end of the day.
  • I stay focused and work toward my goals.
  • Anytime I question myself about “What did I do all day?” all I have to do is look at my calendar. Self-pity party over in under a second.
  • It forces me to set realistic goals. When I start filling my to-do lists it is obvious that I set myself up to fail. Changing it puts me in a totally different mood and I am ready to tackle anything. Almost anything, because ironing has moved to my blacklist of chores!
  • I have fewer things to remember. Always a plus.


What about you?

Do you struggle with change?

Have you made any changes lately that made your everyday life better?

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