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Meet my summer wardrobe. Yes, my entire summer wardrobe. I sew half of it last year and it got tons of wear. Still, I feel that most times “I have nothing to wear”. This is true for a number of reasons.

First, where I live we have long and hot summers. Like 5 months of T-shirt weather. As an adult, it would be wise to change your attire mid-day. More if you exercise.

Second, having a very young kid quadruples your laundry. It is science. You almost never have half of your wardrobe clean. So, if you need to have some choices, you must have a sizable wardrobe.

So, right now I am planning my next projects. For now, I am concentrating on spring attire, since there is a major hole in my closet in that department. I am leaning more towards woven flowy tops, with a couple of sleeve options.

scout tee

Looking through my pattern stash a couple stood out. The first pattern was the Scout Tee from grainline studios. They have recently released an add-on with more sleeve options one of them being a long sleeve. If you follow me on Instagram (I’m thimblepatterns there if you want to be friends), you must have already seen my first try on the petal sleeve option. For that version, I also made my first Full Bust Adjustment. Revelation! That’s a drawback when you draft your patterns. You are not very accustomed to fitting alterations.

Top Top

Next, was the Hadley Top, also from grainline studios. Full review here. I have yet to make a FBA to this one, but after making my first, I am hooked! It does take some time but it is TOTALLY worth it. I am going to make at least one of these since I already have two and can’t wear them enough! One alteration I am thinking to make is to eliminate the back opening. When I am wearing the other two that have it I always feel a little cold.

Another pattern I would like to sew is the Madison Blouse from Rebecca Paige. I think it is a very stylish and feminine style that can be worn for every occasion. It looks kind of intimidating but I really want to try this style.

Onyx Shirt by Paprika Patterns

Last but not least I have purchased the Onyx Bundle from Paprika Patterns. It looks very similar to the Scout Tee but the slightly dropped shoulder gives it a nice twist. The instructions say that it has been designed for a B-cup for up to size 6 and for a C-cup from there and above. That means that I might skip the FBA for this one. I hope I have information soon.

As for the fabrics, I am planning to sew everything from my stash. It has gotten to a point that it most certainly needs to be tamed! In addition, most of my fabrics are old purchases and my taste has somewhat shifted. My intention is to use most of it and then gift what is left. I fear that if I don’t use it now it will never get used.

So, stay tuned for a spring sewing spree!

What are your sewing plans? Have you tried any of these patterns before? So have any recommendations?

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