The perfect Tee – Scout Tee Pattern Review

Scout Tee

The weather here keeps getting hotter and hotter by the day. Since I have already planned my spring sewing, I am actually being forced to go step further and wear summer attire! To be fair this only happens on some days in the moon, but still…

As I was going through my closet to see which clothes are in good condition and still fit I remembered that I had actually sewn the Scout Tee. And not only once but twice! Then I searched to see if I had taken any photos and sure enough I had. Lucky you!

Scout Tee Scout Tee

My first attempt was using a woven fabric to test the fit. A wearable muslin if you like. The fabric is a medium weight cotton that turned out to be very stiff for this project. Next time, because there is going to be a next time, I am going to use a fabric with a little more drape. Design-wise it is as simple as it gets; which I appreciate so much! Why is it so SO hard to find patterns with simple shapes and elegant design? This shirt is very boxy so it leaves plenty of room for your body to breath. Since I have a significant length torso I am not the person to comment on the overall length but I sewed mine with no alterations.

Scout Tee

The sleeve length is spot on. Not too long not too short. For those who prefer more arm coverage, lengthening it should be very easy. I chose to finish the neckline with satin bias binding. I have yet to decide if I like it or if I should draft a facing next time. I would also like to add that the shoulder seam on this pattern slides significantly forward. I don’t mind, just something for you to be aware.

Scout Tee Scout Tee Scout Tee

My second attempt was using a knit; since I wear this time of T-Shirts ALL the time. There even is a tutorial for this on the Grainline’s website. This mélange knit was the right weight and had the perfect drape. I have worn this T-shirt SO much. And then I promptly cleaned the oven wearing it. No amount of bleach can rectify that! Back to the pattern. Construction wise it is very simple and straightforward. The instructions are very clear and hold your hand from start to finish. Since I have sewn so many T-shirts already I don’t remember using them much. Although I am certain a beginner sewist could follow them.

All in all, this is a great pattern that I will sew over and over again. Such a wardrobe staple!


Note: These photos were taken last year.

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