The perfect gift for any occasion


Does a perfect gift actually exists?

As a mother of a toddler I actually receive gifts for both me and my son. And by that I mean that I am the one who has to decide what we keep and which gifts are better be exchanged. Usually wrong sized clothes and duplicate toys. My son is a lucky boy! Since I don’t own a car I do most of my shopping using trains as my main transportation mean. All while pushing a stroller.

Although I feel grateful to have received a present in the first place, having to go back to the store to choose a different one can prove to be a challenge. Especially if I have to do it many times. So when I want to shop for a person and don’t know his/her needs or what will please him/her I always buy a gift card.

Here are some things to consider before your purchase to ensure your gift is a success:

1.       Buy the card from a store that the receiver can actually go to. If the brand you are considering to buy from doesn’t have a store accessible by the person you are shopping for, then it is a good idea to pick another brand.

2.       On line stores are an option. If you’re shopping for a person who is familiar with online shopping why not buy him/her credit for their favorite online store?

3.       It doesn’t have to be expensive. When choosing a store don’t be intimidated by the prices. Your gift doesn’t have to match the price of a certain product. My idea is that I am helping someone buy something from his favorite shop. I am not buying it for them. Although I do wish I could do just that!


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