Overcoming fear


Over the last 5 years that I have been sewing I always heard people say that they are afraid to do something, sew with knits, use a serger, sew a pair of jeans, a coat, pants, velvet, buttonholes you name it!

None of this ever made sense to me. I just couldn’t understand. To my eyes, if you wanted something you just did it. Until this afternoon. As you probably know I bought a new sewing machine in December. It is my dream machine and I hope to sew many many projects with it. BUT, although all machines are alike they do have some slight differences. There is a “testing period” when you switch a machine. This is my forth, and it took some time to get to know each one.

In my 5-year sewing career, I have broken maybe 10 needles. In the last two months, I have broken more than I care to admit. Today as I sat in front of my machine I felt fear. My first thought was: I should probably wear my glasses because something might go wrong. The moment I stepped my foot on the pedal; grng, broken needle… I suddenly felt afraid. “Maybe I shouldn’t sew anymore. I make too many mistakes.” I heard myself say.

So, I took a big breath, changed my needle and finished my project. Without wearing my glasses as goggles. And I proceeded to cut and sew a pencil skirt for a long overdue tutorial. With no more accidents.

pencil skirt

So, if you too find yourself being afraid of ‘x’ or ‘y’ just take a deep breath and go for it. It is just yourself that holds you back.

Now I am off to finish the third project of the day!

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