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It’s time for an outfit inspiration post. This is what I wore during the holidays. Actually this is what I was able to photograph during these two weeks! Besides, I spent most of my time lounging at home in my pajamas and although I loved every second I don’t think that you would like to look at the picture more than once!

December 20th


Scarf made by me similar here  | Jacket | Shirt

I though it was cold outside so I bundled up with a  scarf. After strolling in the neighborhood while pushing the stroller for a while the jacket was off, leaving me with an unintentional pattern on pattern outfit. Infinity scarfs are have been my best friend since having O. They can also double as a breastfeeding cover. Most importantly have you ever tried to change a dirty diaper on the stroller while wearing a long scarf?

Jeans | Cardigan

Later on I decided to sew some festive decorations. I had my little helper with me. These turned out great so you can expect a tutorial.

December 27th


Jeans | Jumper (old)

Christmas came with a lot of presents. I just had to teach my son how to play them. I do not enjoy it at all ????????.

December 30th


JeansShirt | Shoes

I was just in a hurry. No time to change my socks. Let’s face it we all have our moments. Moving on…

January 3rd


Jeans | Cardigan

Common outfit for lounging at home. Jeans, T-shirt and a cardigan. Unless you have matching slippers; then you have a complete outfit!

Janouary 4th



This is by far one of my favorite outfits. The shirt is so soft and lightweight. Perfect for layering. And I just love everything about the jeans. They are soft, stretchy and hold their shape well for at least  wears. Did I mention that I love the color?

And that was it for today. From now on you can expect regular weekly outfit posts to resume as usual. To look at past weeks’ outfits click here and here. And if you would like to see my outfits the day I wear them you can follow along on instagram, I would love to be inspired by your outfits too!


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