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one-piece suit

It is official. I am a total one-piece swimsuit convert. There I said it.

I have been wearing a bikini for almost 30 years. Yes for three decades. Maybe even more. I never had a bikini body. But I hated one-piece suits. Something about having wet fabric on my tummy felled very wrong. I just couldn’t stand it.

It also makes changing into a dry one seem like an adventure when there are no dressing rooms on the beach. Still to this day I always change into a dry suit when I am done swimming. I also hate to wear clothes over wet swimsuits! I never quite understood the meaning of that…

But I digress…

Lately, I have been searching for a new swimsuit since the last time I bought one for the beach was 6 years ago.  As I was browsing online I was very drawn to prints. Tropical leaved ones specifically. Since this print looks better on a larger canvas I liked one-piece suits more. They also seemed to offer more coverage both on the back and on the bust. Although I do not follow any modesty guidelines I feel better when I am a little more strategically covered! It makes moving around more effortless.

After deciding on a few I went to the store to try them on. And my quest began… I have a very long torso, and where I live no one offers a longer version of a swimsuit. I had a very hard time finding a sports one-piece to fit me, but having to find a commercial one proved to be a struggle.

one-piece suit one-piece suit one-piece suit

Then I stumbled upon this one on the interwebs. I liked the simple lines and the fact that it had great reviews. I also liked the price tag. What I didn’t like was that I could not try it on before buying, since I could not visit the local store.

I decided to buy it anyway. And I am so glad I did. I am in love. The suit is fully lined and has removable pads for the bust. The straps are sturdy and the knot has never untied while swimming. I tried freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. It has good coverage on the back and at the bottom, if you know what I mean…

As with every article of clothing having a swimsuit that fit me made a difference. What surprised me the most and actually converted me was that I feel more protected from the sun. I no longer have to slather my body in sunscreen 5 times in a single visit to the beach nor does my skin feel hot or irritated from the sun afterwards. It is soft and I can wear anything I want without constantly trying to not let any fabric touch me.

Of course, this is not to say I will never wear a bikini again…

What about you?

Do you prefer one-piece suits or are you a diehard bikini fan?

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  1. becca July 27, 2018

    I love the swimsuit! where did you find it – I have the issue due to a long torso.


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