A no sew cape

I am not much of a party enthusiast. I also don’t dance and small talk is not one of my strengths. As a mom though I have to push my feeling aside so a certain someone i.e. my son, can have some fun! Somehow peers are much more fun for him to be with!

So when the other day a birthday invitation arrived I started to get him excited about it. And then I read the whole text. It is a birthday costume party! I had 3 days to decide what he was going to be and make the costume. Hm….

Costume making is not my cup of tea. Also, I was sure that my son would like to wear his costume again after the party too. And, did I mention that I am tight on time right now? So I wanted something not too costume-y that could be worn again and is super quick to make. What to be, what to be…


And what do all kings wear? A cape of course! Now, I would like to say that there are a million and one ways to make a cape. This is the fastest and easiest way to make one, IMHO. Additionally, it doesn’t require a sewing machine which means everyone can make one.

You will need

Scuba fabric


Eye and hook

Needle and thread


First, fold your fabric in half. Pin the selvages so it won’t shift.


Using a ruler draw a straight line from the fold to the selvage. Then using your tape measure draw a circle. To do that hold one end of your measuring tape on the fold of the fabric. Using your other hand rotate the tape in approximately 20-degree increments, each time making a mark using tailor’s chalk at the desired length. Connect the marks to draw the circle.


I like to put pins on the inside of the circle to prevent fabric from shifting. Cut on the lines on both sides using a rotary cutter on fabric scissors.


To draw the neckline I just used a plate but you can use the same method as described above if you want to be more accurate. Cut.

Thread your needle and attach the eye and hook.


Now wear it and have fun!


What is your preferred way to make a cape?

Would you try this for your kid?

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