My favorite summer shoes

summer shoes

Today we talk about shoes!

I was never really into shoes. Comfort was all I cared about.

But shoes can actually make an outfit. And literally ground it! Choosing shoes can still be a little intimidating for me because medical conditions forbid me from wearing some styles. I just take this as a challenge! And I suggest you do too…

Although comfort will always be top on my list, style doesn’t need to take the last place.

Here are my favourite summer shoes:

Arizona Birkenstocks

You knew these were going to take first place. I wear them daily from May until the end of September. They have an anatomic footbed which makes them a great choice for me. The fact that they are actually slip-ons is perfect for hurrying my 3-year old out the door. Because it takes a decade if I don’t. I feel that the white colour makes them work with every colour combination.


Similar to the Birkenstocks the anatomic footbed on these is making my feet happy on a daily basis. I use them as slippers and it is no exaggeration that I cannot stand for more than 10 min in any other pair. I love them so much that I have them in two colours. They are definitely on the chunkier side and I would not recommend them for a leisurely summer walk of going to dinner. They seem more appropriate for activities like going to the park or the pool. Alternatively, you can use them as slippers as I do.

Parex Sandals

I always steered clear form sandals because they provide no support. The few brands that do seem to have a target audience of 60-year-olds. And although I find nothing wrong with that, I am not willing to wear my great-grandmother’s shoes. I found this pair while aimlessly browsing the brands’ site and thought they were cute. And they delivered! They have a modern design and feel good. Win-win. If you haven’t tried this brand before I highly recommend them.

Last but not least,

Stan Smith

What can I say? Old habits are hard to break. But in all seriousness, I am a firm believer that a good sneaker can be worn year round. Summer showers are no joke and let’s not forget that you can’t actually hike in sandals. This pair is such a classic and the black leather is my favourite.

Now your turn. What are your favourite summer shoes?

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