My favorite hat

Favorite hat

Can I take a moment to talk about one of my summer essentials?

I bought this hat last year for two reasons.

One, I wanted to try and accessorize my summer outfits. When it is too hot to even get dressed, to begin with adding layers is not an option. A hat sounded like a good idea. It can serve as a completer piece for your outfit but it is also practical. Where I live we get at least 5 months of sunshine. Sun protection is something that we are taught from a very young age.

Second, I wanted to model what I teach to my son about sun protection. I make him wear a hat from spring to fall but it is a struggle. Then I remembered that kids mimic what they see their parents do. So I figured that if I wore one my little one would follow suit. And sure enough, he did. Of course, his dad wears one now too!


What held me back from the beginning was my awful personal experience with hats so far. Ever since I was a little I felt that hats were very restraining and literally caused me a headache. Not very encouraging. But I was determined to find one that fit me.

Can you notice a theme in my posts lately? All my wardrobe problems were actually fit issues. I just had, and I still do, a hard time finding clothing that fits!

Back to the hat. I decided on a baseball hat just because my little one wears one. It makes him so happy if we wear the same things. I tried a few shapes and brands and luckily when I was about to give up, I found this one. I love its shape, colour and the fact that the logo is subtle. I hate to walk around like an ad! The width is customizable thanks to a fabric strap and a buckle on the back. I love this type of closure because you can actually customize the width to your exact measurements. #fitissues

After wearing it for a while I noticed that I don’t squint my eyes so much when I am outside anymore and I have significantly fewer headaches too. Wearing a hat has become a healthy habit for me and my family.

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