My fabric stash and Me-Made-May 2018

fabric stash

This is most of my fabric stash. Not pictured are: one drawer of dress fabric that I forgot I had, one drawer full of lining and one drawer full of batting.

fabric stash

For me, this is a very VERY BIG stash. All these fabrics were purchased with a specific project in mind. Most of them are still waiting to be sewn up.

fabric stash

My closet was almost empty one year ago when I started sewing my wardrobe. Now it can mostly accommodate my needs. Most clothes I sewed using fabric from this stash. So this is actually what is left of it. And I can fill half a closet.

Today marks the start of Me-Made-May. A month to celebrate handmade clothing and the art of sewing. I pledged to:

‘I, Joanna of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavor to wear at least one handmade article of clothing daily and sew at least one each week for the duration of May 2018’

Since my wardrobe still has some serious holes in it I decided that each weekly project will have to fill one of those gaps and I have to use fabric that I already own. Preferably a pattern too. Although I could draft one if I had too.

I will be posting a picture daily over on Instagram, you can find me here if you want to follow along.



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