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tote bag1


Dear all, I would like to introduce you to my bag. As in, my diaper bag. 17 months ago I blessed to have a healthy baby boy. Since he is my first child I spent many days prior to his arrival guestimating what I would use as a new mom. But I was sure of one thing, I NEEDED a diaper bag. A sturdy, roomy and comfortable bag. The cheapest I saw was 60€ and it lacked in some departments.

bottom reinforcement

It was clear that if I didn’t want to pay a fortune I had to sew it myself. My research for “diaper bag” turned back nothing that was up to my standards. And then it dawned on me: find a bag that suits you and make it a diaper one. I have lost count off how many I saw and rejected until I found it. It’s the “Super Tote” from Noodlehead.

It had everything I wanted: a zipper closure, no flap on the main section, roomy, interior pockets and exterior pockets with closure! And it was plain pretty!

tote bag


I was sold.


The pattern comes with beautiful and very detailed illustrated instructions. Every step is explained in full detail. Make no mistake this is not your average tote. Since it has so many details and pockets it really leaves room for creativity.

zipper bag

pocket snap

pocket piping

I didn’t follow the patterns’ design fabric wise, which left me many times wondering if I had all my pieces cut, which should be underlined and a general feeling of uncertainty. So make sure to read the cutting instructions very carefully to identify all of your pieces. I should note that this was the very first bag that I sewed. Talk about a big dive!

tote inside

As soon as the cutting and underlining (stabilizing) was done it was a joy to follow the sewing instructions and watch the bag coming to life piece by piece. I felt that with every step I was able to learn a new technic. I have been using this bag every day for 16 months now and I can reassure you that it is everything I wanted and more. If you are in the market for a bag, search no more!

P.S. The bag in the photos of this post is the second one I made for my sister-in-law who welcomed a healthy baby two months ago.

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