Mending your jeans the easy way!

 Mending Jeans
Mending has never been part of my sewing vocabulary. Or my everyday life for that matter.
Not because I hate to do it, I don’t, but somehow my clothes divided into two categories: Wearable and Not. The later was either cloths in good condition that didn’t fit size-wise or ready to fall apart.

When a friend asked me if I could mend a pair of jeans I actually stopped to think about it!
This is my preferred method to mend little holes or in this case holes-to-be. It is sturdy, can work on every part of your pants (or top) and looks good IMHO.
You will need
– Web interfacing
– A small (depending on the size of your hole) piece of jeans scrap
– Matching thread. Tip. The color of your thread should match the color of the pant at the point that you are placing the patch!
Mending Jeans
First cut your scrap fabric a little bigger than your hole. Then cut an equal sized piece from your interfacing.
Mending Jeans
Layer your pieces on top of your pants. Your layers should be stack with the following order: wrong side of pants, web interfacing, right side of patch.
Mending Jeans
Thread your sewing machine and use a jeans or size 100 needle depending on the thickness of your fabric. I got away by using a standard 90/130 needle.
Finally, run a straight stitch on top of your hole until you achieve your desired look.
Tip: When I mend using a straight stitch I like to set my stitch length to 3. You can also use a zig zag stitch to achieve a different look.
And this is how the final product looks like from both sides.
Happy Mending!

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