Me Made May Week 3

Me Made May

Well, I made it through week 3. I consider that an accomplishment!

Between work and life obligations this week has flown by. And there is no sign of slowing down any time soon. No complaints there. To be honest it gets kind of confusing to document my daily outfits into one post. Instagram saves the day by the end of the week. Although not all days are documented there either.

I will keep this post short because I can hardly remember my week.


Basic Tank | RTW jeans | Birkenstocks


Scout Tee | Brassie Joggers | RTW jean jacket


Basic Tank | RTW jeans | Blackwood Cardigan


Basic Tank | Emerson Shorts | Crocks


Scout Tee | Brassie Joggers 

MemadeMaySout Tee | Emerson Pants

Truth be told I can see how repetitive my outfits are. This is mostly because last year I decided to sew a lot of articles of clothing using the same pattern. I was in the very difficult position of not having enough clothes to wear, so batch sewing made sense at the time. This year though I am in a much MUCH better place so I am going to try to utilize my pattern stash. Maybe this way I can incorporate some new designs in my wardrobe without having to change my style.

How is your challenge going along?


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