Me Made May Week 1

Me Made May

My initial decision was to post a monthly roundup for the Whole month of May but then I remembered. If I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday what are really the odds of remembering what happened at the beginning of the month?

This year’s pledge was to wear one handmade article of clothing each day and sew one garment per week.

So here is a little round-up of the first week.

Day 1


Scout Tee | Self Drafted Pants

Day 2


Scout Tee | Emerson Shorts

Day 3


Scout Tee | Pencil Skirt

Days 4-5-6


Scout Tee | Emerson Shorts



Scout Tee | Brassie Joggers

I haven’t thought about it but I wear the same T-Shirt every day. Maybe it’s time for a change…

On the sewing front, I did manage to sew two T-shirts,  one tank top and one pair of shorts for my boy. So far so good. On to the next week!

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