Me Made May ’18 Days 29, 30,31

Me Made May

Well, another Me Made May came to an end.

Phew! I must admit that it was quite a month. It was the first time participating that I took daily photos of my outfits and posted them on social media. You can find me on Instagram here.

But first, let’s have a look at my outfits during the last three days of the challenge.

Me Made May

RTW Shirt | Self-drafted wide leg pants | Birkenstocks

This was my outfit for school drop off.

Me Made May

Onyx Shirt | Emerson Shorts

Trying my basted new T-Shirt

Me Made May

Emerson Pants | RTW shirt | Birkenstocks

My beloved and trusted Emerson pants, for another school pick up.

And that is the end of the challenge for me.

In all honesty, it felt like a challenge. I thought that I had enough handmade articles of clothing to breeze through the month but real life proved otherwise. Additionally, last year, in my attempt to build a wardrobe fast enough I relied heavily on three patterns. But I have only half succeeded because as this challenge has proved each and every week my outfits were very VERY redundant.

Last year my original thought was that I would keep these three patterns and change up my outfits by sewing each pattern in a different fabric. That indeed made a significant difference but unfortunately, it was not enough…

This is the reason that after week three I was done choosing all handmade if possible. My mindset was to wear one handmade and everything else can be RTW. It made a world of a difference!

So, my final thoughts are these:

  • I consider this challenge a success. I did manage to wear at least one article of handmade clothing every day and I sewed one each week like I pledged at the beginning. More on this later.
  • Looking at photos of my outfits has made me identify which styles feel more like me and suit my lifestyle. I really can’t understand why I can’t see the same things when I look myself in the mirror. Can anyone relate?
  • Having a tried and true pattern to rely on is vital to building a wardrobe but a variety of shapes is key. Fabric patterns can only do that much.

On the sewing front of this challenge, I did manage to sew a garment each week. During the month of May I sewed:

  • Two t-shirts for son
  • Two tank tops
  • Two pairs of shorts. So you see a pattern here?! Two is my magic number!
  • One blouse for me
  • One skirt for me. Tutorial coming soon. It is the easiest and fastest project you can think off. And very summery.

All in all, I am very happy with my progress this last month.

Now, moving on to…



What are your plans for summer?

What’s on your sewing table these days?

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