How to make a knit pencil skirt


Every woman’s wardrobe should have a pencil skirt. It is a classic article of clothing that never goes out of style and if worn properly looks good on every body shape. Besides nothing looks more feminine than a skirt.

Also, it can be worn on almost every occasion. This one is made out of knit fabric which means that you can even wear it and have a big meal! Bonus points.
Depending on your fabric choice it can serve you as an everyday outfit or a statement piece.
Since this tutorial has been way overdue, let’s get started.

First measure your waist, hips and waist-to-hip distance as shown in the pictures below. Make sure you stand straight as you complete this part. Write them down on a piece of paper.

skirt skirt skirtPay attention to hold the measuring tape parallel to the floor. Some tutorials encourage to measure your hips as shown in the last photo. In my experience, this method doesn’t work very well.

Next, fold your fabric RST. Using a long ruler and tailors chalk draw a straight line on the top of your fabric as shown in the diagram. The length should be equal with your hip measurement.


Next, draw two parallel lines one at the waist-to-hip distance and one at the length of your skirt + 2” (5cm). This line is your hem.
We have now drawn all parallel lines of our skirt so let’s move to the perpendicular ones. Using your tape measure make a mark in the middle of your first parallel line. From that point measure your waist measurement divided by two plus ½ “ (1.25cm) on each side of the first line and make a mark. Draw a curve between this pint and the end of the next line. You can free-hand it or use a tailors curve. Do this on both sides. Now, measure 2-4 cm towards the middle on both sides of your hemline. Connect each of them with the end of the hip line with a straight line.


Next, we are going to cut the waistband. I prefer my waistbands on the wide side so I just cut a rectangle measuring 3” (8cm) wide. The length should equal your waist measurement plus 1 “ (2.5cm). Now it is time to cut. I prefer to cut my fabrics using a rotary cutter and a cutting mat.

Time to sew! With RST pin both sides of the skirt and sew with a ½ “ seam allowance using a small zig zag stitch (1.5 length and 1 wide). For the waistband fold lengthwise and sew. You should now have a tube. Then turn inside out. Cut a piece of 1.5” elastic and join the ends with a wide and short zig-zag stitch.


Place elastic inside the tube you just made. Fold the fabric of the tube WST and align the raw edges with the raw edges of your skirt. The tube should be placed inside the skirt. Sew using a zigzag stitch around the waist.

skirt Using medium heat, iron the hem towards the RS to make a crease. Using a double needle or zig zag stitch sew the hem. Give the skirt a final press.
Wear and enjoy!

And since Valentine’s day will be here before we know it you might as well sew it in red!

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