Knits – How to take care of them at home


I love knits. Mostly cardigans. I once counted that I owned 16 of them! And they were all on regular rotation…

When the weather chills down enough, I start layering. It began as a necessity when I was studding at university. I used to leave my house before the crack of dawn and returned well into the night. It was expected that the temperatures would fluctuate. I used to call it “the onion dress code”. I am aware that this may sound sarcastic only to my ears!

Cardigans fit exactly that dress code. They can be light or heavy, short or long, plain or textured giving your outfit the vibe that you are looking for. Also they are the perfect layering piece. Although to be honest I wear them because they are soft.


Washing them is a pain.

There I said it. As much as I love to wear them I am pretty lazy when it comes to washing and drying them. And this comes from a person who knows how to knit…

Since dry cleaning is not an option for me due to it’s significant cost I care for them myself. After almost 2 decades of washing and drying all kinds of knits, I have decided that this is the best way that I can do it at home without losing my mind!

cardigan cardigan cardigan

I fill a big bucket with water at room temperature. Then I add the detergent. I only use a liquid name brand detergent that is specific for wool (i.e. Woolite®, Soflan® etc.). In the morning I wash them under the tap or use the shower to rinse them. Then I squeeze the excess water and use a bath towel to remove the remaining water and block the knit at the same time.


Finally I lay them flat on a drying loft and air dry them. I might move the loft beside a heating panel but I NEVER never place my knits on top of them. I do not recommend. Ask me why!

And that’s it. Ready to wear.


How do you care for your knits? Please share so I can steal all your ideas!

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