How to thread a needle

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Today I would like to announce the start of a new series on blog. Sewing 101. In these series I would like to address basic sewing τechnics. My intention is to help those who want to pick up sewing. The most novice one. Even those that might not know how to thread a needle. Because, hey, everyone has the right to learn, right? And you have to start somewhere. So even though most of you have mastered the basics looong ago and many are experienced sewists by now, let these series become a good starting point for the aspiring seamstresses’ among us. I would really appreciate any suggestions or comment you have to help brig sewing closer to ever more people!

So without further ado…

Let us begin from the very start. How do you thread your needles? As we covered on the “sewing essentials” we use different kind of needles for handsewing and to use with our machines. Both are threaded using the same ways. That plural was intended because there are multiple ways to do it.

  • The most common way to do it is by just cutting the edge of the thread with scissors and pass it through the eyelet. Liking the thread is NOT required, it’s gross. Cutting the thread with your teeth is not a good idea because: 1) again gross 2) is unravels the thread at the edge which actually makes it way more difficult to pass through the eyelet.
  • For those who find the first method anywhere between impossible and frustrating, this is for you. We have all seen this little tool and some of us know what it is for but do not know how it works. I understand that is might come as a shock to some but it is true. I was one of them ad have met a few in my time that didn’t know how to use it too. All you have to do is put the metallic edge of the threader through the eyelet then your thread through the opening and pull the threader back.

Τhreader μ

Yes I just re-invented the wheel.
Needle threader1 μ


And that’s it!

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