How to take in your pants


I am not the person to take in their pants.

On the contrary I am constantly changing sizes. I need more room! I also am one of those people that when they find a piece of clothing they like they buy it in multiple colors. This was the case with this pair of jeans. I own them in grey and have been very pleased with the fit. So when I decided to buy a pair of black ones I just went ahead and purchased the same one in a different color.

It might surprise you but I did took the time to actually wear them in the dressing room before leaving the store. Long story short they were a tad too big. My first thought was to have them taken in. Ha ha ha! And having amused myself I got to work.


All you need is pins and a sewing machine. I don’t even want to think about sewing jeans by hand. First wear your pants inside out. Then pin the excess fabric like I did in the picture. I suggest you do it on both legs. Then it is time to sew.

sewing machine


First I make a basting stitch and then wear the pants again. If they fit the way I want to then I go ahead and sew with a regular sewing stitch. For me that would be 2,5. You could also serge this seam and get rid of the excess fabric at once. Otherwise you can either leave it there if it is not that much or cut it with your scissors and then zigzag the raw edge all the way around.




This is much better!

Now to hem them and their done!






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