How to make a half-slip


A while back I posted a photo of me on Instagram wearing my favorite dress. It was a windy day so while I commented on that I also added that the fabric of the dress clings to my tights.

Shortly after I received a DM from lovely @katerinaff85. If you don’t follow her; you are missing a beautiful and inspiring account. Especially if you knit. She kindly suggested that I could wear a half-slip underneath and even sent me pictures of one so I know what to look for.

Now that the temperatures are more skirt friendly I decided to make one.


What you’ll need.


Using your measuring tape take the following measurements: Waist, Hips, Length. If you want to know how to take your own measurements I have included a small guide here.

Now you need to make some very simple calculations.

First, multiply the circumference of your hips by 1.5. If this number is smaller than 150cm you will be working with one long rectangle. Add 1” seam allowance on both sides.

(Hips * 1.5) + (2 * 1”) = Your Width

Now we will calculate the length of your fabric. The equation will look like this:

(Desired Length – Length of lace + Width of Elastic – ¾ “) = Your Length

I know it might seem confusing but it will all work out.

First, as always gather your supplies.


Then cut your fabric to your required dimensions that you have just calculated. If your Width number is equal to or smaller than 60” then you will need one long rectangle. If it is bigger you will work with two rectangles. In this case, your second step is creating one long rectangle by sewing together with RST the ones you have cut along their short side. The rest of the steps are the same.

First, I would recommend finishing all your sides with your preferred method. I just zig-zag-ed them. Then place your lace ribbon as shown in the pictures. Then stitch them together. Turn the seam allowance upwards and press. Edgestitch.

Half-slipHalf-slipWith RST sew the side seam.

Using your iron make a crease ¼ “from the top long side, as pictured below. Then make another one as wide as your elastic is. Side note: In my experience ¼” wide elastic is not a very good choice since it screams “homemade”, is very uncomfortable and doesn’t last long.


Now, stitch it around as if to create a tube. You have to leave a big enough opening to pull your elastic through. Insert elastic using a safety pin. Secure the elastic using your preferred method. Stitch the casing closed.


That’s it!

Give it a final press and wear it with all your unlined skirts.


Do you wear slips? How often?





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