How to lengthen your pants

Lengthen pants

Time for another simple trick. How to lengthen your pants.

Have you ever needed to add length to your pants? Just a cm or two? Well, at 5’3” this doesn’t happen often to me. On the contrary shortening pants is the first alteration I learned how to make. I used to chop off a least 2-3 inches off of my pants. Shocking I know!

But I digress.

wide leg pants

Adding length to a garment can be tricky. If the article of clothing has been purchased there is no way to find the exact same fabric to make an addition. Providing the design allows for such an addition. On the other hand, if you have sewn the garment and wore it a lot the fabrics’ color and texture will be significantly altered. So even if you do have adequate yardage for the alteration that might still not be a possibility.

So, what are really your options?

If you like lace or other trims you might navigate towards that path. Choose a wide enough trim and add it to your hem.

If you are like me and prefer more minimal designs you can use bias binding. Double fold bias binding to be exact.

Attaching bias Attaching bias

This is what you need to do. Choose a binding and a thread in a matching color to your pants.

Now with your pants, WRIGHT side out stitch the bias binding as shown in the video below.

Press the seam towards the binding. Then fold it towards the inside of the pant leg. Now you have two options you can either machine stitch the loose end of the binding to the fabric or hand stitch it for an invisible look. I have hand stitched mine since I believe that a visible stitching would not look as polished compared to my trim.

Give it a final press, and …


Note. The wider the bias binding is the more it will weigh the hem. If your fabric is airy like mine I suggest you use the widest bias possible.

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