How to hem

So, in the last post, I showed you how to lengthen your pants using bias binding. There I mentioned that my preferred method to stitch the bias to the pant was by hand.

Today I have a little video showing you how to do exactly that.

I suggest you first practice this stitch in a remnant piece of fabric. When you are satisfied with the results you can hem your pants.

Before hemming, you will have to finish your raw edges. In the first video, you will see how to do that by hand.

In this video you can see how to do the hemming.


  • Since the end result should be invisible from the right side of the fabric, use the smallest needle that you are comfortable working with. The same applies to the thread.
  • Use a matching thread to hem your pants. That way when you sit the thread won’t be visible.
  • Don’t pull the thread too much. Better to be on the loose side. This way you are minimizing the risk of distorting the weave of the fabric.

Blind hem Blind hem

Now, thread your needle and practice! You will be hemming your own pants in no time…

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