How To Fold Your Fabric

fabric boltLoooong time, ago, I decided to make toiles. Or test garments or muslins if you will.

Promptly after, I went to one of my favourite shops and bought several meters of calico. Note, I do most of my work after bedtime and it really bugs me not to have in stock tools and notions that I use constantly. Also, it is hard for me to go shopping so when I go I stock up.

But I digress.

Calico is heavy weighted. Having to store 6 meters (~ 6 yards) in my already overstuffed fabric closet was not very practical. In addition, I wanted the fabric to have as fewer fold marks as possible. Since heat and especially steam distort the weaving of the fabric and I aimed for my calico to have the least amount of treatment before I turn it into toiles.

What actually forced me to actually do something was stepping into my sewing room and looking at this view.

fabric bolt

fabric bolt

I decided then and there to roll my calico into a bolt. AS I was trying to work with what I already had on hand I took a look around. And saw the perfect candidate. During my photoshoots, I often use thick white cardboards for a variety of tasks. I grabbed one 100×70 cm and got to work.

fabric bolt fabric bolt fabric bolt

First I shorted the longest side from 100 to 75 cm long. Then I divided the 70 cm wide side into three equal parts and cut along. And that was it. I had three cardboards on the ready to fold my fabrics onto. And that I did.

It is so easy now to work with longer cuts of fabric. And no more fold marks!

How do you fold your fabrics? Do you buy them by the bolt or by the meter?

Any other storing methods I should know about?



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