How to connect elastic



The best friend and worst enemy of your handmade wardrobe.

Being a good friend, elastic is very forgiving when you try to fit your garments. If it goes through your hips you’re fine; most of the time. Or you had a big meal! Using elastic is an easy way to create a waistband.
Sneaky as all enemies are elastic needs special handling. You have to know how to shop for it and how to sew it. Besides it lets you eat more than what your waistline would allow!
Sewing with elastic can seem intimidating but trust me it is not. The following are guidelines meant to help your sewing endeavors.
· Use a ball point or stretch needle.
· Zig –zag is your best bet.
· Triple zig-zag stitch is also a very good choice when you attach your elastic on your fabric.
· Polyester thread works best. That being said I have had good results with cotton too. Test is best.
My most common use for elastic is making waistbands. I have literary lost count of how many pair of pants I have sewn for my little boy. He constantly outgrows his clothes! When is this kid going to learn that he is not allowed to grow up?!!
But I digress.
I always connected elastic with what I call the traditional way. I placed one end of the elastic on top the other and sewed a square to secure them. To do this you need to cut your elastic a little longer than your waistband. It also creates bulkiness, which depending on the project might cause problems.
Browsing the internet, as one does, I landed on a photo that showed a different way to do it. Since I can’t remember where I saw this photo I decided to make my own tutorial.
Another way to connect elastic.
Cut your elastic to the desired length. No extra yardage needed. Place the two ends one beside the other making sure to create a tube. Place the two ends under your presser foot and using a zig-zag stitch them together. When you reach the end turn the elastic around and run your stich on top of the previous one. My machine has a reverse button and I use that.
I have used this method for a lot of clothes that get a LOT of love from my 3 year old and I and have never had a problem.
How do you connect pieces of elastic?

Here are some clothes I wear constantly and have an elastic waistband.


The Brassie joggers


A half slip

linen skirt

The 30 min skirt

How do you connect pieces of elastic?

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