Hadley top Variation


Usually, when I read the words variation or hack I think of some major pattern changes that make the original design close to unrecognizable.

This variation has nothing to do with that. We could actually call it “The Lazy Hadley Top”. As I wrote in my original review, this pattern covered most of my criteria. One that was not met was the ability to be sewn using a printed fabric. I carry most of my weight on my bottom half. To balance it out I try to wear patterned tops to navigate the eyes upwards. Since this pattern has a center front seam it really limits your fabric choices. Pattern matching can sometimes be impossible.

top top

This was the case with this polyester satin which has been sitting patiently in my stash for over a year. I was so ready to sew it. Brainstorming ideas left me very entertained (anyone wants to add ribbons to the side of the seams?!) but with no real solutions. And then it dawned on me! Remove the seam allowances and cut the front piece on the fold. Very smart of me don’t I know! I did the same for the facing pieces. And this idea just gave me all the excuses I needed to sew a dozen more Hadley’s in every fabric I fancy.




Like I needed any…

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  1. Ruth April 27, 2018

    The blouse is just beautiful. I love the rich colors and the texture is luxurious.



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