Emerson shorts


Hello, dear friends. Today we talk about shorts. I am sharing with you one of the most worn piece of my wardrobe. An Emerson pair of shorts.

I love wide leg pants. And I also love shorts. So it seemed obvious that those two were a combination that I just had to combine.

When True Bias released the Emerson Pants Pattern I almost skipped a beat! Although I have to admit that I was a little sceptical about the elasticated waistband. I have a heavy bottom so gathered fabric there is not ideal. I decided to bite the bullet and buy the pattern nonetheless. I praise this impulse buy every day since I sewed my first pair.


The pattern features both a cropped leg and a shorts length. For this pair I obviously used the shorts length which I had to shorten a little; more on that later. I sewed a straight size ????? The illustrations of the pattern are very clear and the instructions are very explanatory. I think that a beginner sewist will have no problem following them. It’s like someone is holding your hand in each and every step. And it has a lot of them, so definitely not a quick sew.

Fit wise my fears about the extra fabric at the elastic disappeared when I tried it for the first time. The waistband sits just under the belly button, which is exactly where I wear my pants and it doesn’t create any bulk in the back. Another asset is the big pockets. I always use my pockets and get very frustrated when they are shallow. In these pockets, I can easily put my phone (a Huawei P9) along with my keys and my headphones. I love these pockets so much!


The fabric I used was a very lightweight denim that I had purchased long ago at the fabric district. I believe it was shirting fabric. It was a remnant that I scored for a very good price. This forced me to shorten my hems a bit and narrowing the sides. I also had to get very creative in the cutting process. After each piece was cut all I was left with wasn’t even enough to make a scrunchy! It pressed easily and didn’t swift when I sewed. After a few wears it proved to be appropriate for the project.


I have worn it nonstop since it left my machine last summer! It is nice that they finally made it on the blog.

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