Dressing myself Vol.3


Happy Saturday! Another full week came to an end. I think I am slowly finding a good rhythm in my sewing and blogging.It feels nice to sew more again after the holiday season.  I find myself enjoying it more and more. Sharing more projects on the blog is nice too.

Here are some daily outfits that I shared on instagram with links to similar products since most of mine are either old or handmade.

Blanket Scarf

Scarf | Sweatshirt | Jeans

Starting the week warm and cozy. My Mondays are usually a chaos trying to juggle laundry, food prep for the week and housekeeping. Obviously, I don’t wear a scarf to do these but sometimes I have to run some errands which force me to get dressed.


Crocks | Jeans | Cardigan

I was at The Body Shop the other day to buy a highlighter and somehow found myself with a new red lipstick. I thought it was great at the moment. Bad news: that moment is now gone…


Parka | Jeans | Scarf

My son sometimes requests we take his backpack along instead of my tote. I have to oblige.

Infinity ScarfScarf | Sweatshirt | Jeans | shoes

Casual attire for a super long shopping trip.

Pant BlockSweatshirt | Pants

Sometimes I just relax…

And since everybody in the family has a cold this weekend feels adventurous already!

I hope you are all feeling well and have nice plans. And don’t forget to rest!


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