Dressing myself Vol.2


And another week passed. And it was a good one too! Also, I have plans for the weekend and I am so excited!!! As you read this I may or may not be visiting again the fabric district. I think a fabric fast is in order. I just can’t contain myself. Can you relate?

mom outfit

Sweatshirt | Altered jeans (similar) | Belt (similar)

Maybe this week was so good because it had a great start. Note to self, start your week on Sunday.

mom outfitCardigan (similar) | Belt (similar)| Me-made T-Shirt

And let’s hope that the weather forecast is right and the temperatures will rise. I am tired of feeling like an ice cube.


T-shirt | Self-drafted Leggings (similar)

Excercise -wise I am still struggling. Since I have quite a few goals to work towards too I think it is important, to be honest with myself and prioritize. Nothing good ever happened by trying too many new things at ones. Everything will happen if I pace myself. Also, self-drafted work-out clothes motivate me!

mom outfitJeans | Shirt

And flannel keeps me warm…

mom outfitMe-made Blouse | Belt | Jeans |Sneackers

All dressed up. This is my black tie outfit!

Have a great weekend!


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