Building a wardrobe from scratch

closetA few days earlier I shared a photo of my closet in Instagram (I’m thimblepatterns there if you want to follow along.) As we speak my closet contains 90% of my clothing, including pajamas, underwear, workout clothes, scarfs etc. The last 10% consists of old black tie garments that no longer fit. That’s why they are being stored elsewhere.

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Fabric Shopping – A guide

Fabric Shopping! One of my favorite activities…

I love to wander through the aisles of the fabric shops gazing at the sea of color and texture. I get so inspired that I have to actually sit and write my ideas down as they come. The possibilities are actually endless. Although my budget is very limited!

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Emergency hemming

Have you ever rushed yourself to get dressed only to realize that your hem needs mending? Or that the skirt you sew to wear at that party still needs to be hemmed?

No?! Just me?


Well the thing is that, apart from being abusive to my clothes when I get dressed, I am also very picky about their length. My hem must, must barely touch the ground when I stand. Whatever the garment is just feels SO awkward if the fabric falls short. That is short to my standards. This means that each pair of trousers I own along with every maxi skirt, although lets be real these are numbered, is paired with specific shoes. I’ll let you imagine what happens when my shoe wardrobe is altered. By more than one pair!

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Essential sewing supplies

hand needles thumbnail

Often times I hear women say that they would love to learn how to sew but they don’t know where to start. The amount of products and resources available is so vast that instead of sparkling their initial interest it makes them feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

Of course cost must be factored in. No one really wants to spend a hefty amount of money into starting a hobby only to realize soon after that she has absolutely NO interest in!

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