Cardi strikes again – Blackwood Ver.2

Another cardi added to my arsenal. I just can’t resist!

They are my go-to clothing article for almost every season and occasion. It’s like my eyes naturally gravitate towards them.

As you have possibly guessed this is the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet. I think that by now everyone and their mother has sewn this pattern. And with good reason. This is my second one; with no intention to stop anytime soon. It is a really great pattern.

This time I made view A. You can see my first make here if you’re interested. I cut a straight size “L” which was not the best decision since I have more of a pear-shaped body type and this pattern is more rectangle shaped. Next time I will blend sizes between my torso and my hips. It still fits me well so I am not concerned about it.

Other modifications that I made include shortening the sleeve length by  1 ½”, shortening the bodice by 1” and omitting the pockets. This was a design decision that I am not yet sure about. There are times that I love the slicker silhouette of this cardi and others that I seriously consider adding them. Time will tell. What should I do?

The fabric is a ribbed knit with a slight shine to it that I really love. I bought it locally and unfortunately, you can’t find it online. It is stretchy enough to hug your body without any restraint but it holds its shape well. The best of two words really.

I have had this cardigan for more than two months now and I can honestly say I reach for it almost daily. Now that the weather is warming up I find myself wearing it as an overcoat.

Do you wear cardis?

Have you sewn this pattern?

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