Building a wardrobe from scratch

closetA few days earlier I shared a photo of my closet in Instagram (I’m thimblepatterns there if you want to follow along.) As we speak my closet contains 90% of my clothing, including pajamas, underwear, workout clothes, scarfs etc. The last 10% consists of old black tie garments that no longer fit. That’s why they are being stored elsewhere.

I have been working from home for the last 4 years after being laid of. In those years I was also blessed with a baby boy. As can tell, my needs and size were constantly changing. I had some clothes, so having a wardrobe that actually covered my lifestyle needs was not one of my concerns.

Until recently. As a person who hates (-ed) all things girly, make up, doing my hair, jewelry and above all shopping I was actually surprised! I caught myself window-shopping, watching make up tutorials on youtube and buying fashion magazines.

Since I know how to sew and draft my own patterns to my measurements I thought that I ought to create a handmade wardrobe. Yes yes you can laugh! I thought I could sew all my clothes while working from home part time and raising a baby full time. Did I mention that I have really NO idea of what my style is and which clothes feel comfortable for my new lifestyle? It was meant to fail. And, oh, yes I did want to sew my sons cloths too! That should be enough to make you smile, you’re welcome.

So today marks thw begging of my quest on finding my style and using my sewing and pattern drafting skills to create clothing that suites my lifestyle needs. I would love it if you follow along.



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