Another day another Tee Shirt

This is the Tee-shirt of my dreams.
From the pattern choice to the fabric itself everything about it brings me pure joy.

I am a Tee-shirt lover. 99% of the time I am wearing pants with a Tee-shirt. Some have short sleeves, some have long ones. Others are fitting while others boxier. They fit my body and my style.
99% of the time you will see me wearing a Tee-shirt.
This pattern is The Onyx Shirt from Paprika Patterns. I immediately fell in love with the loose fit and the sleeve options. The pattern includes three sleeve options: sleeveless, short and long sleeve. The patterns also features two different hem styles. One is a straight line hem and the other one has a high-low curve.
One more feature that stood out, was that half the pattern sizes are drafted for a B cup while the rest are drafted for a C cup. There is one size overlap though that has been drafted for both cups.
According to my measurements, I was a size 6. I muslined my pattern pieces only to verify my suspicion that I did indeed need a Full Bust Adjustment. Ever since I did one for my Scout tee I want to do one in every top that I make hereafter. It makes THAT of a difference. But although I haven’t always had a fuller bust I did have a hollow one. This is why I had a gap on the neckline. To rectify this I should have drafted two darts and then manipulate them into the FBA. Not wanting to get into that much of a trouble, I decided to skip it and place my front pattern piece a little tilted on the fabric. Does that make sense? Well, it worked like a charm!
Tee Shirt
And now I have a perfectly fitting Tee-shirt that wear as much as it is socially acceptable!
My fabric was a well-calculated buy during May. Back then, I decided to sew using only fabric from my stash in an effort to be a more responsible sewist and actually sew the fabrics that I buy. What, I soon realized was that my stash mostly consists of winter and bottom weight fabrics. So, I turned to my trusty fabric district. This one is a cotton-linen blend that has some stretch to it. It is soft as butter and drapes beautifully. Because this mama doesn’t want anything clinging to her midsection if you know what I mean. Also, I fell in love with the print. I don’t know what it is about me lately, but I love tropical leaf prints.
The pattern instructions have you finish your edges with bias binding. I did think about drafting a linning but I then got lazy. I did, however, make my own bias binding since I figured it was going to be visible, and I was right. Also, I pre-wash all my fabrics and whenever I use pre-folded bias it tends to shrink in the wash and creates gathers in my finished garments. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough yardage left so instead I cut and folded two fabric strips. I must admit it is far from perfect but it does get the job done. Mostly because the fabric has some stretch to it.
Overall I am so happy with this top that I reach for it almost daily. I do intend to sew one more this summer but time will tell!
Have any of you tried this pattern? What do you think?

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