A scarf for winter


Winter has officially arrived. And guess what!? It’s cold outside. Like I actually had to wear a real coat! A coat!!! And a scarf, because did I say it’s cold outside? I am writing this all wrapped up in a blanket while sitting at my desk. Maybe I should wear a duvet tomorrow? Would that look weird to you?

Anyway, back to the scarf. A few days ago I visited the fabric district downtown Athens. On my first stop at this lovely shop I found a nice selection of lightweight flannel. Thinking ahead, I decided to buy some in order to make scarfs as my collection has been substantially diminished and they make pretty and practical gifts.

I sewed mine the same afternoon which proved to be a good timing since it has already been used a couple of times. I love plaid and find that a plaid scarf is a nice way to add some interest to an otherwise boring outfit. Not that you could actually see the rest of my clothes beneath my long coat but that’s another story!

If you have some flannel in your fabric stash this is what you need to make two scarfs.

2 meters (~2 yards) of flannel 60’’ wide

Matching thread

scarf scarf scarf scarf


First fold your fabric lengthwise.

Then cut along the edge. I used my fabrics’ pattern to help me cut it straight.

Using a seam ripper or your hands start to unravel the short side of your rectangle. This might take some time depending on how long you want your fringe to be. Do this on both sides.

Now take your scarf to your sewing machine and fold the long edge ¼ “ twice. Then sew as close to the fold as possible. Repeat for the other side.

Flannel similar (here and here)

You’re done! Enjoy your new scarf or wrap it up as gift.


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