A new take on a simple T-shirt

Petal Sleeve Variation

By now you know my deep love for basics. They are wardrobe workhorses and can make you look put together for every occasion. If you style them appropriately that is.

I live a very ordinary and simple life. And as much as I love that and appreciate it, there are days that feel stagnant and I need some change. Wearing the same outfits day in and day out can look very repetitive. Especially if most of them are basics. Playing with your outfit may give you just the dose of change that you need.

The problem is that I can’t part with the comfort of my tried and true articles of clothing. Since the majority of my wardrobe is handmade most of them fit me well. So why would I want to wear something different? Also, trying a new pattern always involves even the smallest fitting session. Not very promising!

Petal Sleeve Variation

This is where pattern add-ons fit in. They use the same basic lines of your pattern but incorporate some different or funny elements that transform the design without compromising the fit. This means that you can create totally or slightly different clothes without having to test the fit all over again.

A perfect example is this Scout Tee shirt with petal sleeves. I was mindlessly browsing the interwebs when I saw that an add-on was released. Three different sleeve options. Since I had already thought of drafting two of them for this pattern it actually took less than a minute to buy to add-on.

Petal Sleeve Variation Petal Sleeve Variation

I finished this top within two days and have worn it tons since. It is the first thing I reach for in my closet. So if it’s clean I wear it!

To be honest I had some fluctuations in my measurements since last sewing up this pattern so I opted to make a toile. I think I got the fit right on my second try. I sewed up a size 8 and made my first dart-less FBA (Full Bust Adjustment). It fits like a glove.

Although I hadn’t committed to using what I already have yet, I used a fabric from my stash. I barely had a meter of this polyester georgette that I had bought on clearance for, I think, 2€ long ago. It proved to be just enough. This was also my first time sewing with this type of fabric. I used a cutting mat and rotary cutter to cut my pieces and had no difficulties. Although I did pin my pattern to the fabric instead of using pattern weights.

The fabric was very slippery but I took my time sewing slowly using a universal needle and polyester thread. What I found to be very helpful when sewing delicate fabrics are to use a straight stitch needle plate. For me, it makes all the difference.

In the end, I added an elastic at the bottom hem to create a more blouse-y effect. I love it!

Petal Sleeve Variation

Note: After taking these photos I realized that I attached my sleeves wrong. My petals don’t have the same direction. Oh, well, I guess if it took me more than a month to see maybe others won’t see it?!

Petal Sleeve Variation

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