7 things that make me happy

sunOften when I ask someone how he/she is doing I get the same reply: “I am so busy. You know!”. Truth be told many of us have to work long hours and have much more on our plates, too. I understand. No, I truly do.

There are days (and nights) that I get overwhelmed just looking at my to-do list. There are so many things to do and so little time.


So every once in a while I try to focus on the things that make me happy and appreciate what I have.

  1. The sun. Being outdoors always made me feel good. I am one of those people who can take a long walk despite the weather. Yes, I have gone for a walk when it was raining outside and I would do it again. But lately being in the sun makes me feel good and lifts my spirits although I’m not sure how I’ll feel come summer time…
  2. Music. Growing up I listened to the radio for as long as I was awake. And not in a classroom. I am old; mp3-players did not exist then! Then came a period I traded music for silence. Lately, music has crept back into my everyday life and I thoroughly enjoy it.
  3. Exercise. We all know that exercise is good for us. I started exercising many years ago and it took me 6 years of almost daily practice to enjoy it! Now, it is my way to unwind, think and burn off some steam.
  4. Cooking. I love food. And more than that I love to gather around a table with friends. It’s a wonderful feeling to nourish someone.
  5. Reading. Books have been my best friend for as long as I can remember. They educate, entertain, broaden my perspective and challenge me. I am trying to be smarter about carving out time to read and audiobooks have been life-changing. Have you given them a try yet?
  6. Sewing. You are shocked don’t I know it! Since I design many of my own clothes, sewing for me is not only practical. It
  7. Coffee. I love coffee. Is there anything to add to that?


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